Donald Trump is the official “vulgarian” candidate of this election cycle. That he is running as a Republican has some thinking he’s a Democrat “plant,” which is as good a conspiracy theory as any other, I guess. The President released his real birth certificate to placate Trump’s campaign, after the “birther” issue was considered both “fringe” and “dead” by many, myself included.

Here’s what I think is in Trump’s mind. Reagan had Carter’s people “salivating” for him to be the nominee, as Obama’s do now for Trump. Trump sees his high negative numbers as similar to Reagan’s, and his opponent is close to Jimmy Carter status, economically. After successfully exploiting the “birther” issue, he will feel emboldened.

Reagan was a governor, though, as well as a celeb, and Trump has no government executive experience. This is a real problem, because as a celebrity businessman, he’s seen fit to drop “F-bombs” in speeches, something that a presidential candidate has never done before, on purpose. Where Reagan spoke softly and with respect, Trump was loud and vulgar.

I also have to note that both have been tagged as “racist,” though I can’t find any justification for it, other than the fact that they’re Republican. Trump would’ve saved himself the accusation if he had said “golf course” instead of “basketball court.” Of course, he doesn’t want to disparage golf courses, because he owns so many of them. This is an example of political stupidity, not racism.

If “the Donald” enters the GOP primary, he will bring out the best in the field to challenge him. If he wins the GOP nod, I’m writing in “Snooki” on my ballot. LOL! Seriously, though, I’d probably vote for him, over Obama, I’m ashamed to say. How much worse can it get? That’s his TRUMP CARD.


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