RFK Jr. “Lies on TV” About “Free Electricity” on Smiley’s PBS Show

On Teusday night’s Tavis Smiley PBS show, the the guest was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. In the space of five minutes, he went from talking about how Fox News “lies on TV” to saying that a new solar plant would provide “free electricity.” He cited no examples of FNC “lying,” then went ahead and spouted a huge “whopper” of his own! Noting that “the sun is shooting those protons down here,” he twice used the phrase “free electricity,” emphatically. Now, I suppose that solar energy may become cheaper than coal for generating electricity, in some areas (like the desert), but it will never be “free.” Beside the cost of building the plant, there will be operation and maintenance costs, which will be ongoing. These workers will need health care and pensions, of course, so the electricity will be far from “free.”

Of course, Kennedy doesn’t see how perfectly he illustrates the typical liberal hypocrisy. Attack your ideological opponents as “lying,” while lying in support of your own idealogical goals. Maybe he thinks Smiley’s audience is not intelligent enough to see through his bogus claims, but at least this Smiley viewer also watches FNC. What is apparent that if RFK Jr spouted that “free electricity” line on FNC, even one of their news readers would have challenged it. The sad thing is that on many other networks, it would have gone unchallenged, as it did on Smiley’s show.

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