“Fast and Furious” and “Solyndra” Show Incompetence, If Not Political Corruption

Two things that may combine to hurt the Obama Administration are the growing “Fast and Furious” scandal, where the US sold guns to the Mexican drug cartels, with no way of arresting anyone. The other is the scandal involving Solyndra, a bankrupt solar panel manufacturer based in California, which cost the US taxpayer around half a Billion dollars. Both are going to be thoroughly investigated in the near future, and the OA doesn’t seem to have an adequate response, so far.

These are examples of stories the “in the tank for Obama” media stay away from, until they “have legs,” meaning they get too big to ignore. While Solyndra is fading from the fleeting media mentions it got, it will not be the last “green” initiative of the OA’s that will be scrutinized (link). Any other one (or more) that was a bad deal may end Obama’s political chances at enacting any of that agenda. The Justice Department is investigating, but they can’t afford another “cover-up” right now, which leads me to the second scandal…

“Fast and Furious” was an ill-designed operation, which consisted of telling gun shops and dealers to sell weapons illegally, and waiting to find out where they ended up, often after they’d used to kill someone. Eric Holder has yet to give his version of what this operation amounted to, but since he’s called the House GOP’s investigation “partisan,” I’m guessing there’s something he’s hiding, for political reasons. It’s always the coverup that’s criminal, and AG Holder is stickin’ to his story about only hearing about the operation “a few weeks” before his congressional testimony, a few months ago. Now, he’s claiming that the emails from a year earlier about the operation were not shown to him, or that he didn’t read them. In other words, he’s pleading ignorance, and incompetence, rather than a corrupt attempt to “cover up” an ill-conceived law enforcement operation (link).

These two scandals are “body blows” this administration can’t afford to let “drag out,” but that seems to be their strategy. Right now, Dems seem happy to revel in the “Occupy Wall St (or name your city)” protests, because it is taking the media spotlight off of the OA’s predicament. The “Wall St. protesters,” and their cacophony of leftist cliches will fade, but these scandals, and the issues they raise about the OA will not go away. I expect Holder to go “under the bus” soon, but it won’t look good, in any case.

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